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26 October 2011 - Eggdrop 1.6's last hurrah?

Announced as the last official version in the eleven-year reign of the 1.6 series, Eggdrop 1.6.21 has been released. A bug that caused the bot to crash when restarting after unsetting nick-len has been fixed since the release candidate but, apart from that, no further changes have been made other than the removal of RC1 from the version.

You can download 1.6.21 from the eggheads FTP server and view the complete list of updates since 1.6.20 here.

4 October 2011 - Eggdrop 1.6.21 Release Candidate 1

A pre-release version of Eggdrop 1.6.21 is ready for download. With the focus of development largely shifted toward 1.8, this could be the final version in the 1.6 series. Users have around two weeks to try the release candidate and report bugs before the final 1.6.21 is expected. Updates since 1.6.20 include:

  • Cygwin 1.7 can have issues getting the DNS server list, you can now set the dns-servers config variable to fix this.
  • QNX6/Mac OS X/Solaris dns.mod fixes.
  • 64-bit fixes.
  • Crash bug fix with Tcl 8.5.10 and workaround for a bug in Tcl 8.5.10.
  • Reverted the ability of vwait and update to process Eggdrop events - this will come in 1.8 (too buggy for now).
  • env(TZ) default config setting is now correct.
  • Compilation against Tcl 8.3/8.4 works again.

See the official release announcement here.

24 September 2010 - TxtGhOsT backdoor

Wulfe has posted a warning about the script TxtGhOsT 3.3.1, which he has discovered contains a backdoor. The script was recently added to the Tcl Archive and has now been removed.

Upon loading the script, a user with the handle "MoOoN" is created with full privileges, and the channel #PakBots is added. People who've loaded this script on their bots are advised to remove it and examine their user file for any users that should not be there, while those who wish to be extra careful may consider rebuilding their bot from scratch.

24 July 2010 - Eggdrop 1.6.20 released

After two release candidates, the final version of Eggdrop 1.6.20 is now ready. Apart from an update to the changes file and the removal of RC2 from the version number, 1.6.20 is identical to the second release candidate. Download it from the eggheads FTP server or view the updates file here.

Users of languages other than the five included with Eggdrop will be pleased to hear that few changes have been made to the language files, meaning additional language files created for 1.6.16-1.6.19 should work fine with 1.6.20.

15 July 2010 - Eggdrop 1.6.20 RC2

A second release candidate for 1.6.20 is now available, fixing a few bugs that were present in RC1:

  • Static channels added in the config file were deleted.
  • Already running instances of eggdrop failed to be recognized through the pid file.
  • vwait didn't always recognize tcl events that change the variable it waits for.

Log on to the eggheads FTP server for downloads.

7 July 2010 - Eggdrop 1.6.20 RC1 released!

A release candidate for the next version of Eggdrop is now available for download and testing. 1.6.20rc1 contains bug fixes, feature improvements, new config settings and additional commands/bindings for Tcl scripters. An overview of the changes can be viewed at the Eggdrop Wiki and the complete list in the updates file.

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